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Confronting the Financial Crisis ,What Should We College Students Do ?
   Honourable judges ,ladies and gentlemen :
   Good morning ! At the beginning of my speech , I’d like to make a brief introductoion about myself that I hope won’t bore you , my name is Liu Zijing ,who come from Bozhou of Anhui province ,I was admitted to Huaibei Coal Industry Teacher’s College in 2008,and major in Chinese Language and Literature . My today’s speech is : Confronting the financial crisis ,what should we college students do ?
   When you walking along a street , an inevitable phenomenon you will find is that lots of shops or markets are selling their goods at a discount ; When you visting a countryside ,an evident situation you will discover is that many workers are staying in their hometown . Why ? That’s because the financial crisis that originated on Wall Street and swept the world has gone beyond the toy sector and bitten into the Chinese economy. Over the past six months,many labor-intensive factories have shut down ,leaving massive numbers of workers jobless . Although our government have taken some effective measures to stimulate the need of employment , we also can’t deny the fact that the situation is still serious . According to expects , China’s GDP growth slowed to 9.9 percent down 2.3 percentage points from the same period lastyear and falling to single figures for the first time in five years .
   As a college students ,I can’t be more sensitive to the essential meanings behind thesenumbers ,basing on expects , the graduates in this year are more than 5 millions , to my surprise ,there are exceed 1 million can’t find position . So it seems very important for us college students to consider what should we do in the intensely competitive society , particularly during this special background---international financial crisis .
   From my own perspective ,we should do three things as follows :
   In the first instance , we should turn an objective attitude towards the encironment and ourselves . Although we college students used to be the \"most-favored \"people in society ,we have received a higher education ,hance we are more intelligent and knowledgeable than our countparts who failed to attend college . Society is developing in a very high pace and becoming more and more advanced , so we shoule know our own strengths and weaknesses and have the right attitude towards ourselves and the job vacancies ,in addition ,we should not attach too much importance to material aspects of the job .
   Secondly ,we should have great ambition towards our future . Ambitions are like the stars---we never reach them ,but like mariners ,we chart our course by them . No matter the successful merchant or official or scientist ,they have an idential personality---ambition . On the surfaceof the globe financial crisis , it brings the pessmisitic economic situations , but it still can’t prevent a person who have great ambition achieving his goals . Just like George Bernard Shaw said :\"People always blaming their circumstance , the people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstance s they want ,and ,if they can’t find them ,make them.\"