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2009-04-07 08:00 浏览:
  Ladies and gentlemen, may I take your attention? Thank you! Today I will give a talk about biding to host the national civilized city. With the developing of societal science and technology in the earth which I love deeply, our life becomes more and more convinent and comfortable. But on the other hand, how is our envorinment and how is people’s cultural quality. Iam very sad .Because people throw rabbish here and there. And people drive car again sting the rules. How terrible our city is!
  But luckly, the govenment of Jiang Xi province hosts an activity named "bid to host the national civilizd city".It can help to ehance our cultural quality as the same time the developing of sicence and technolog.
  This activity let citizens know the ture meaning of civilizd city.Besides,let people know more about the basic knoeledge and low.Also, let us know hosting the national civilizd city is not a thing of a moment!So we must have perseverance to do what we can do and what we should do to help our city to be more civilizable
  For example, we can hold some good activities every month.We can make some speeches to arouse the public’s aware.
  When we do our best to do it, we can see the blue sky being cleaner,the rival is more beautiful, the traffic is more convinent and our city is more civilizable.
  What’s more, people smlle more friendly ! That’s all.Thanks!