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中学生英语演讲稿——how Thanks giving怎样感恩中英文

2009-02-10 08:00 浏览:
  The poet said: spring flowers to the door pushed open 。 I said: Thanksgiving to the door pushed open the living. If you carefully listen to the voices of flowers, are everywhere harmonious life movement.
  Then, as a middle school student, how Thanksgiving?
  First Thanksgiving their parents, because everyone’s life is a continuation of the parents of one blood, all of the parents gave us love, let us enjoy the human world of affection and happiness, therefore, we would like to thank the parents.
  Teachers are our growth, are our friends, teachers care for us , their words and deeds, let us benefit for life, we pay for teachers efforts and sweat, we should Thanksgiving teachers.
  Students study the lives of our fellow students to encourage each other, help each other, to jointly overcome difficulties and setbacks, the common taste of success and happiness learning, we should be grateful for every day and we accompanied the students.
  Thanksgiving-Fighting, Thanksgiving unlimited! Students, and Society Thanksgiving! Let us always to the life caring and full of love and love!